Erasmus+ Mobilities

Are you planning your Erasmus+ project in Germany and looking for a reliable partner?

One of the Erasmus+ Key Actions is learning mobilities. The funding set aside for this programme serves international collaboration in education and the organisation and provision of educational visits to European countries. Participants thereby have the following opportunity to gain practical work experience abroad for their professional training.

Top reasons to choose WBS

A welcoming host

Our young and multilingual team welcomes you. We arrange the perfect program for you as local hosts.


Satisfied participants

We have been able to receive and impress almost 3,000 pupils, students, apprentices and teachers from other countries.

Competent partner

We have been a reliable partner in the organisation and implementation of EU-funded mobility projects for the past 10 years.

Throughout Germany

As an independent and nationally represented further edition enterprise, we can get lots of projects up and running for you in numerous German cities such as Dresden, Dortmund, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin.

Team with project experience

We have since implemented over 200 mobility projects in Dresden and other German cities.

Seminar centres to meet your needs

Modern furnished seminar centres with good transport links await you and your pupils.

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10 years of experience


200 implemented projects



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Erasmus+: We offer you

We offer you:

Complete preparation and implementation of mobility projects, which means:

  • Organisation of the participant’s entire residential visit
  • First class training with a broad spectrum of subjects in German and English (e.g. automation technology with Siemens Logo, AutoCAD, Hotel and Gastronomy, Industry, Health and Care as well as specific offers for teachers and educational staff)
  • Modern teaching methods and high quality standards with relevant certificates and transparent description of educational achievement
  • Mediation of work experience placements in companies (particularly in the hotel and restaurant trade as well as in retail)
  • Board & lodgings, public transport
  • Cultural and excursion programmes

Who we welcome:

  • The learners (pupils, vocational students, students, trainees, people in professional further education) in groups
  • Teachers (school, vocational educators, college, adult education) singly or in groups
  • ... from EU countries and associated states
Erasmus+: Who whe welcome
Erasmus+: What you need to know about fundingErasmus+: What you need to know about fundingErasmus+: What you need to know about funding

What you need to know about funding?

  • Your mobility project can be subsidised by the EU
  • For this, you submit the project that you agreed with us to your national agency (further information can be found on the official Erasmus+ website)
  • We support you throughout the entire application process

Project Topics of WBS TRAINING for Mobility Projects - 2018 ERASMUS+ Call for Proposals

Training Projects for VET Learner Groups

Automation with Siemens LOGO!
Computer Aided Design + innovations in car industry
Alternative and Renewable Energies

Web development with HTML
Web development with JavaScript (advanced)
SQL database programming
Game Programming with Java

Entrepreneurship – Starting a Business
Planning and Carrying out an Advertising Campaign with Media Design
Best Practices in Transport Logistics in Germany

Health and Social Care       
Professionally Applying First Aid in Emergency Situations

Training Projects for staff

Dual VET 4.0 - Best practices in Germany
Project Management

Teaching methods
E-Learning: Virtual Classroom Training
Classroom Conflict Management
Psychological Intervention at Schools in Germany
Learning in Germany - Alternative Educational Concepts

Internship Projects for VET Learner Groups
(minimum duration of 3 weeks)

For the following professions:  
Hotel technician, Waiter, Cook, baker and pastry chef, Retailer, office assistant

All training topics mentioned above will be taught in English or German according to your project application.
For internships in German companies, knowledge of German language is mandatory (at least level B1 CEFR). 

What our participants say

Dragomir Gospodinov

Dragomir Gospodinov

The time spent in Germany was great. I explored many new things, dissimilar culture and most importantly the difference between the two countries. Our time at WBS Training was awesome and productive. I can say that for the twenty days on the training I learnt more things than for a whole school year in Bulgaria. Despite that the training wasn‘t on my speciality, it was useful experience and it might help me a lot in the future. The WBS team was friendly, helpful and was making sure we will have a great time in the almost one month period in Dresden by taking us on tours around the city and showing us the cultural riches of the city.
Hristo Uzunchev

Hristo Uzunchev

Thanks to my three weeks stay in Dresden I succeded in developing and improving my skills in drawing with the program AutoCad. The teachers at WBS training were friendly and because of that there was understanding and respect from both sides, which helped me for the faster proccessing of the information.

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Background information on the Erasmus+ education programme

The educational programmes for general and professional training, youth and sport have been included in the current funding programme of the European Commission since 2014. The former programme for vocational training, “Leonardo da Vinci“, the student exchange programmes “Erasmus“, “Comenius“ for school education and “Grundtvig“ for adult education as well as the Master and Doctorate programme “Erasmus Mundus“ have since running under the joint name “Erasmus+“.

The programme planned for the period 2014 to 2020 aims to improve employability, to make it easier for young people to enter the labour market and to lead the modernisation of systems in general and vocational education. The EU has made over 14 billion Euros available for the programmes in the funding period 2014 – 2020.

Your contact

Your contact

Do you want to find out more about us? Get in touch now and request information!

What our participants say

For me, the training stage at WBS was a great experience not only because I learned a lot of new things about IT Networking and WebDesign, but also because I met some special people here who make me feel like I'm in a big family... The WBS family. Also, the places I've visited in Dresden enjoyed my soul and in this 3 weeks I realized that where you find a beautiful place, you find wonderful people and you live special experiences.

Sabina-Maria Tîrpescu

Never for once have I felt left out because of my age or nationality at WBS. The people we interacted with there were always eager to help if needed. Moreover, we were welcomed with great hospitality, quality training and candy.

Irina-Alexandra Petrea

During these 3 weeks of training about web development and networking offered by WBS in Dresden, I succeeded to refresh my knowledge in this area, to increase my teamwork, coordination and time management skills so as to finish the tasks of the final product in time. Also, the time spent in this city has given me a cultural experience, all these contributing to my future career. I want to thank again to the entire WBS team, especially to Peter, Thomas and Natalia.

Madalin Cotic

My training at WBS-Dresden helped me to learn and increase my skills in 2D and 3D drawing AutoCAD. Thanks to my mentors at the facillities we were also able to learn about low energy houses and the green solutions in Germany. The staff at WBS and the people of Dresden helped us feel more like at home, even with the language barrier. Also thanks to the our stay we were able to check out a diffrent culture. The landmarks in Dresden were really astonishing and the whole time spent here was wonderfull. Thanks for everything!

Ivan Elkin

The training in WBS is an incredible experience because I learnt how to use AutoCAD and visited many beautiful places such as museums, a huge park, named Alaun, which is my favorite place in Dresden. I really liked the city because of how many different cultures live here. The teachers are very friendly and skillful. They are always in hand if you have a problem with your work. I managed to learn how to use AutoCAD successfully which is a really big advantage for my early skills. I highly reccomend you to sign up for this project because you won‘t regret it. 100% honest.

Ivaylo Mihaylov